Monday, June 4, 2012

It is Monday again! Time for coffee on the porch. I am considering time today. One has to wonder where does time go? does it trickle away in tiny drops or does it wash away in a flood? I think it depends upon what you are doing at the time. If you are in a boring meeting listening to boring speakers, then time slows down to a trickle. If you are doing something you really enjoy, then it speeds up considerably. Is that what is called "time is perceptual"? I am well acquainted with time unleashed. I feel it particularly when I am painting and sculpting. Focus and concentration on these tasks creates a time free zone, perceptual and sometimes impractical for the housewife. It gets in the way of chores; dishes pile up in the sink, dog hair piles up into tumbleweeds that scuttle across the floor like Dodge City in the summer, the grass grows so tall a Great Dane can get lost in it. Bosley the puppy, and my charge during the week, must perceive weekend time as passing with lightening speed. He is in his home where freedom abounds. He has puppy toys strewn throughout his house. His Mom commutes to work during the week, and drops him off at my house for puppy sitting. Unfortunately for Boz, my nickname for him, my home is not as fast and loose. As it is a place of not just living everyday life, but of work, thus it must have some structure to it. He has a crate here at my home, in my studio. It is quite comfy, with toys and chewy sticks, but his freedom is comprised greatly. For Boz, Monday's bring a screeching halt to time. Boz at 6 pounds is a tiny little fella. He's only 17 weeks old and his breed is the Papillon, which is the French word for butterfly. That is because Papillon dogs have large ears shaped like butterflies. This past Saturday, Boz had a distemper and his rabies vaccinations. Vets will tell you there is no such thing as the dog having reactions to the vaccinations, but I have seen it too many times to deny it exists. Boz is not quite himself. He's just a tad less rambunctious than usual. My Mom used to always say tempus fugit. She was right. It's time to begin work in the studio. Hope you all have a good day and enjoy your now. The Proposal, painting on canvas ©LynHamerCook