Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Inspiration & Imagination

Painting on rocks is fun! I have created a handful to date. I couldn't afford to buy a book on the "how to's " of painting on rocks, so I figured I'd just give it a go on my own. Since I was not sure of the type of rock to paint upon, this entailed a trip to the rock store. The rock store turned out to be a landscaping sort of place with large round tall containers holding all manner of large rocks. I could never find those kinds of rocks in my own yard. The large rocks around my house have extremely rough surfaces. The rocks at the landscaping place had rocks with smooth surfaces, much like the two prized river rocks I keep for myself (unpainted) that I brought back from my birthplace in WVA.. the New River, actually the oldest river in the world after the Nile. Those I will never spoil with paint. Mother Nature did a fine enough job on them without my input. So I picked through a number of big ole honking rocks at the landscaping place, then put them on the outdoor huge honking scales for them to be weighed. Price depends upon the weight not how many are bought. The total cost was around $25.00 for a about a dozen large rocks. Cool! I lugged them home and there they now sit gathering dust in the studio. So when will I bring out the life of the rocks? That depends. A rock will have to speak to me and tell me what is inside it. Then I'll translate that into something.. be it turtle, bird, dog, cat, fish.. whatever the rock says. I can tell it is going to take some rock bottom rock to rock communication to find out what they will be.. because I've been drawing a blank more often than not. That leads to subject of inspiration and what sparks it? What sparks your inspiration and ignites your imagination? I've found that thinking too much about anything simply results in a headache. So for me at least, the answer may lie in allowing, creative juices to flow, not in trying to push them or pull them into manifestation. I think I might try meditation. If I can just quiet that barrage of continual self talk.. that crazy talk in the head, it would be easier to create. It may be time to revisit Eckhart Tolle for his concepts in quieting the inner voice (ego). Let it flow....let it flow...downstream is easier than paddling upstream.
shown.. painted Great Dane Rock & Pembroke Welsh Corgi Rock by Lyn Hamer Cook©