Saturday, June 2, 2012

Front Porch things to do


May 30, 2012

Ten Things for Front Porch enjoyment.

10. If you are with someone, talk about everything but religion and politics. If you are by yourself, think about everything but religion and politics.

9. snuggle in the swing with someone special. NOTE: this is not mandatory. Hugging yourself is. Appreciate the moment whether alone or with someone.

8. verbally harrass the neighboring squirrels; i.e., hey, you, tree rodent, get outta my yard!

7. Immerse yourself in the 3D high def world that exists in glorious panoramic proportions outside on the front porch, and forget about television and internet.

6. forget about the dirty dishes piled sky high in the kitchen sink while you sip on your favorite wine. Dark chocolate and also ice cream are also a good choices for front porch meditations.

5. read something made on sheets called paper that usually has a binding of some sort; now there is a thought; no I pads, I pods, computer devices allowed. No newspapers either, as the world of woeful news is not allowed on the drama free zone of the front porch.

4. When dinner is finished, herd your family and friends out to the front porch and conduct watermelon seed spitting contests. Important note: avoid buying a seedless watermelon to avert intense disappointment when the contest begins.

3. Take pen and stationery out to the swing and write a lovely letter to someone who would enjoy hearing from you.

2. After dark the front porch takes on a romantic aspect. To increase this transformation, buy a citronella candle for after dark front porch musings.

1. Take a nap.

note: if you live in Southern climes as I do, a good bug repellent is recommended. Don't let the nasty little bloodsuckers keep you from enjoying the front porch this summer.