Saturday, June 9, 2012

Being creative does not guarantee being able to decorate with any sort of flair. Indeed, while I find it natural to paint and sculpt, I lack the decorating gene. My sister was fortunate to have received that talent in spades. Decorating her home in Country style, in shades of blue and beige, she has created a comfortable and relaxing environment. My home is decorated loosely in vintage 'Side of the Road style. It is comprised of inherited pieces, pieces found literally on the side of the road, and one old red leather sofa that looks as if it could be a prop in a Victorian movie. I tend to think of these pieces, or most of them, as old forlorn friends. The Hoosier cabinet I got from a Great Aunt hasn't seen a lick of paint in decades, and is keeper of my favorite dishes; Blue Ridge Pottery bowls, plates, platters. I have found a few pieces in antique shops, a few at auctions, but most of them I bought on eBay. I love these pieces for their individuality and vivid colors. There were many patterns on the Blue Ridge china. The ones I like best were hand painted by women employees of Blue Ridge Pottery who lived in the surrounding Appalachian Mountains. The time span was back around the Great Depression. The 5000 plus patterns they produced have charming names such as Grandmother's Garden, Fairmede Fruits, Rapsody, etc. If interested in seeing more, I highly recommend this link to view some of the patterns that were produced. So, today is Saturday again. Seems to come around each week around this time. It's time to get into the studio and figure out what to create next. I'll be sketching ideas and playing with paperclay! yay! love this fun medium! In the meanwhile, I'll leave you with images of two of my summery paintings that have been sold.