Saturday, June 15, 2013

Does exercise enhance creativity? I've read about it, and yeah I believe there is something to it. I've seen a difference in the studio on the days when I don't get on the treadmill and when I do. It also helps to get outside and walk in the fresh air and sunshine...even on days when the sun is a no show. Wally is a big help in that department. I don't have any human companions to accompany me on walks. Wally is my trainer. He does not allow me to slack off when we're walking. He pulls, tugs, jerks on the leash, launching me into roadside shrubs and weeds along with him. He's quite strong for a 55 pound fella. The moment I begin to daydream and ponder about the bigger picture of the Universe truths ((yeah right))... Wally gets inpatient and jerks me awake so that I have no choice but to join the NOW.. the Moment. Wally is a great example of living in the moment. He does it with gusto. Every scent is a mystery to unravel. Every carcass we happen across, from squirrel road casualty to dead bird in the field is a treat. I have to watch him or he would bring them all home to add to his collection. And so, it's time to hop on the treadmill, then later let Wally take me for a drag up the road. The plan for the rest of the weekend is to work on commissions and the next Pet of the Week contest running on my Facebook page. Check it out and you could be chosen to have a painting of your pet.. all pet photos welcomed. Have a great weekend in whatever you do.

Friday, June 14, 2013

I can already tell that summer will pass far too quickly. Just yesterday it would seem, the Redbud was in flower, the pretty blossoms covering the limbs in a lacy lavender show against the brown landscape. Always the first to burst out in bud, the Redbud is a favorite tree of mine. This week in June, the Mulberry is already at the end of berry season. The squirrels and birds, even a raccoon have enjoyed the thousands of sweet berries. The tree was not planted in the backyard, but came up of its own accord. It has been a blessing to wildlife and I continue to enjoy its beauty. The warmth and breeziness of today gave rise to thoughts of the beach. Fond memories surround the North Carolina coast. With that in mind, I just finished a painting of Corgis going deep sea fishing. It's on a canvas sized 24" x 12". I love painting underwater scenes.