Sunday, June 3, 2012

Good Sunday to you :) The weather reports state it is partly cloudy here today. That got me to thinking; why do they use the term partly cloudy instead of partly sunny? To my way of thinking, if one has the choice, it makes sense to choose the sun over clouds. 50/50 I suppose. I have been working in the studio over the weekend. The result is a whimsical Folk Art Sculpture I titled Corgi Super Hero. This piece is currently on auction on eBay. To find the sculpture, go to and search for seller i.d. wally_doodle (named after my dog). The size at the base is 5 inches by 7 inches and it is 7 inches tall. The Corgi is 6 inches long.
Back to the studio this evening to start a new sculpture. I'm thinking of sculpting a small breed dog, such as Boston Terrier, or Pug, and perhaps a kitten also. It's such fun to watch something grow from nothing to something.... or in my case, from a blob of paperclay to a three dimensional object. These pieces require many hours to create, thus my fun time for other activities is on the back burner for now (such as Second Life the virtual world). That said, time is being made for front porch enjoyment. This is the Year of the Front Porch :) Join me sometime for Cafe' or vino. There is a seat waiting just for you on the front porch.
The Corgi to the left has been adopted. He is made of paperclay and stands on a wooden base. He's holding his favorite stuffed toys; two lambs. I meticulously hand painted his footed pajamas with little swirlies and curlie q's. He found a forever home in Texas.