Monday, May 13, 2013

back to the world of the almost living

Long time, no post! The winter was a long one. Like a bear hibernating, the warmth of the Spring seems to waken my spirit. Birds are singing, sun is shining, and the old Maple tree has seen a Mommy squirrel raise a brood. Life begins anew. And over the Winter, I have put on a few extra pounds I had lost. I think it's fairly normal.. must be the Seasonal Affected Disorder I have.. dark winter days just begs for more bread & soup .. (and pizza). I've been delving into oil painting very heavily and I love it. Visit my Facebook page to see the pet portraits I've been painting since September 2012. Once there, click on Past Competition Paintings. Now, I need to get busy in the studio. Just wanted to update this blog for who knows who. I know nobody is reading it, so I can post anything I want to..PFTTTTT so there!