Monday, February 24, 2014

Faux Spring

Faux Spring has arrived! Robins are bobbing along, daffodils are showing their sunny faces, crocuses have dared to emerge donning lively lavender garb. Temps were hovering around 70 on Sunday luring springtime citizens from their wintertime slumbers... by Monday temps are to hover around 60, and by Tuesday plummeting to the 40's. What's up with Mother Nature? Another Polar Vortex visit? I say we draw a boundary line across the top of North Carolina and pass a law that disallows another Polar Vortex from swooping down to South of the border. Warm one day, windows flung open, enjoying a warm breeze and the next expecting a "wintry mix"? Nah, let's don't be wishy washy.. let it be one or the other. Either let the groundhogs go back to bed, or romp in the sunshine. At least this cold blast keeps me indoors where I can work on revamping my Pet Art website. It's still a work in progress, as I have a ton, a multitude, a plethora of pet images to add to it. You're invited to take a peek now, but remember, it has a ways to go before it's finished. Getting links and paypal buttons installed takes a long time. Here is the link to the site: I'm especially proud of the Testimonials page! Leaving you this Monday with a chuckle.. Herding Cats..

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