Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Defrag & Refresh

I had a good convo with a friend about defragging and refreshing...the mind, not the computer. We can be in the midst of work, an important project, a creative idea, when our minds begin to sputter, stall...oh, look a castle.... ideas stagnate and a multitude of intrusive thoughts begin to ping around the brain like a bat trapped in a box. Many times I will sit at the desk wondering what did I just decide to do....not 2 seconds have passed since that first thought before another thought has replaced it....obliterating it. This is a fragmentation of the mind that can bring any creative thoughts to a screeching halt. Inspiration be gone..fragmentation is happening, like the minute cracks in the plaster wall in my art studio. When it happens, I have realized there is no way to fight it. The only way to put the mind back on track is to defrag it. This mind fragmentation can track beyond the recesses of the brain, and out into the world.. for one thing, it can turn you into a grumpy sasquatch...even little birdies and squirrels become fearful of you. How do you defrag? Sometimes just a change of scenery can help place the pieces back together.. take your dog out for a quick walk.. get out into nature..sit under a tree..sit in your porch swing if you have one. Rest your eyes on some green ..always soothing. Take a drive..turn the radio up, roll the windows down..even in cold weather...sometimes a cold slap in the face by Mother Nature is helpful (thanks I needed that!). If you have gone beyond the occasional frag mind bending episode into major paralyzing events like writer's and artist's block, plan for bigger defrags, like going on a vacation.. take a weekend somewhere you haven't been before.. Sometimes, the mind needs a bigger, more sustaining refresh. Defragging can also benefit the spirit and body. You'll come back to your projects ready to rock it! Defrag & Refresh.. spells relief. If you can't afford that trip to France, the rocking chair may be utilized as an effective defragging tool.

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