Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year dog & pet lovers! Would you like to enter a competition where the prize is a painting of your pet? Then visit my Facebook business page and enter my ongoing Pet of the Week competition! The process: Like my Facebook page! Dog Art by Lyn (the url is different from the page title). Email pics of your pets (all pets considered even snakes and gerbils) to me at In the subject of your email, type in POTW and your Pet's name. In the email itself, include your full name as owner, and list the url of a fan page if your pet has one. Professor Wally (the dog with the discerning eye) will choose which photos will become oil paintings. The criteria for a good photo to become an oil painting (or watercolor, etc.) is composition, lighting, clarity, etc.
Photo tips: When taking photos of your pet, get situated on their level. Take the photo in natural light. Flashes cause colors to wash out and create unnatural looking shadows. Get up close and personal when taking your pet's photo. It is impossible to see what is going on with eyes, hair, etc. from a photo of a dog in a field of grass and the dog is about the size of an inchworm. Nope, you need to Fill the lens with your pet's loveliness! Remember, I paint what I see and if you cannot see it, neither can I. Admittedly, my super powers only go so far. ;o) When the paintings are finished, I will post them in the page photo album, Current POTW paintings. Then find your painting and get as many votes (likes) as you can before the competition deadline. The painting(s) with the most likes will go to those winners! The ones who didn't win will have the chance to buy the painting of their pet. If they don't want to buy it, no biggie, the paintings will either go up for sale in my Etsy shop, on eBay, or simply be painted over with something else. It's fun and free to enter! Check out all the paintings I've created to date, located on my FB page under the album Past Competition paintings. Good luck and hope to see you there! Lyn

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