Friday, June 14, 2013

I can already tell that summer will pass far too quickly. Just yesterday it would seem, the Redbud was in flower, the pretty blossoms covering the limbs in a lacy lavender show against the brown landscape. Always the first to burst out in bud, the Redbud is a favorite tree of mine. This week in June, the Mulberry is already at the end of berry season. The squirrels and birds, even a raccoon have enjoyed the thousands of sweet berries. The tree was not planted in the backyard, but came up of its own accord. It has been a blessing to wildlife and I continue to enjoy its beauty. The warmth and breeziness of today gave rise to thoughts of the beach. Fond memories surround the North Carolina coast. With that in mind, I just finished a painting of Corgis going deep sea fishing. It's on a canvas sized 24" x 12". I love painting underwater scenes.