Saturday, June 30, 2018

Meet Charlie

Meet Charlie! We adopted Charlie on May 11, 2018. She was only 6 weeks old, having been taken from her mother and siblings early. The reason being, her mother had bitten her badly on the head. A young woman who had seen the litter, saw Charlie and bought her. The litter and mother dog were living in squalid conditions. It was said the mother dog had been rescued by the original person, and soon after had whelped the litter of pups. I saw Charlie's pic on Craigslist. We went to meet her at the young woman's apartment. After losing Wally on January 25 2018 to severe heart disease; afib, valve disease... I had been looking for a pup to keep Jack company. After 4 months of looking, I decided Charlie, who the young woman called Mela, needed a permanent home. Charlie will be going to puppy training class soon.

Monday, January 4, 2016

A new year

There is a scene in an old movie where there is a race to reach something.... I don't remember what the prize was... In that scene one of the characters gets into the driver's seat of a sports car, and as he is ripping off the rear view mirror, he says to his passenger, in an Italian accent, "what isa behinda ... isa nota important." I don't really agree with him, but there are some years we would like to forget. 2015 was the year I lost my last two Great Danes, both to cancer. Bud was only 6 years old, and Josey was 11. Why is cancer so prevalent in dogs these days? I wish researchers would find out. Wally, my Aussie Shepherd mix boy will be 11 years old this summer of 2016. Seems as if it were yesterday when I first saw him, just a tiny pup running along a busy road screaming his lungs out. He was covered in fleas and dehydrated. I'd planned to get him healthy and rehome him... hahaha! Jack is the new kid on the block here. He will be 2 years old in 2016; a hunting griffon, Airedale, and who knows what else, mixture of a dog. He is a character and keeps me smiling through the tears. He is an inspiration. In spite of having severe hip dysplasia, he enjoys life. This past 2015, one of my best clients who became a friend, lost her battle against emphysema. She had become a friend over the years of painting her dogs, and her daughter. She was such a fine human being, and she understood the time it could take for a painting to be finished. I miss seeing her on Facebook and reading her posts. She dearly loved God, her family, and her pets. Miss you Ann! I won't make any new year's resolutions for 2016. I usually don't keep them anyway. But if I can be half the person Ann was, I'll be doing good.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Defrag & Refresh

I had a good convo with a friend about defragging and refreshing...the mind, not the computer. We can be in the midst of work, an important project, a creative idea, when our minds begin to sputter, stall...oh, look a castle.... ideas stagnate and a multitude of intrusive thoughts begin to ping around the brain like a bat trapped in a box. Many times I will sit at the desk wondering what did I just decide to do....not 2 seconds have passed since that first thought before another thought has replaced it....obliterating it. This is a fragmentation of the mind that can bring any creative thoughts to a screeching halt. Inspiration be gone..fragmentation is happening, like the minute cracks in the plaster wall in my art studio. When it happens, I have realized there is no way to fight it. The only way to put the mind back on track is to defrag it. This mind fragmentation can track beyond the recesses of the brain, and out into the world.. for one thing, it can turn you into a grumpy sasquatch...even little birdies and squirrels become fearful of you. How do you defrag? Sometimes just a change of scenery can help place the pieces back together.. take your dog out for a quick walk.. get out into nature..sit under a tree..sit in your porch swing if you have one. Rest your eyes on some green ..always soothing. Take a drive..turn the radio up, roll the windows down..even in cold weather...sometimes a cold slap in the face by Mother Nature is helpful (thanks I needed that!). If you have gone beyond the occasional frag mind bending episode into major paralyzing events like writer's and artist's block, plan for bigger defrags, like going on a vacation.. take a weekend somewhere you haven't been before.. Sometimes, the mind needs a bigger, more sustaining refresh. Defragging can also benefit the spirit and body. You'll come back to your projects ready to rock it! Defrag & Refresh.. spells relief. If you can't afford that trip to France, the rocking chair may be utilized as an effective defragging tool.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Faux Spring

Faux Spring has arrived! Robins are bobbing along, daffodils are showing their sunny faces, crocuses have dared to emerge donning lively lavender garb. Temps were hovering around 70 on Sunday luring springtime citizens from their wintertime slumbers... by Monday temps are to hover around 60, and by Tuesday plummeting to the 40's. What's up with Mother Nature? Another Polar Vortex visit? I say we draw a boundary line across the top of North Carolina and pass a law that disallows another Polar Vortex from swooping down to South of the border. Warm one day, windows flung open, enjoying a warm breeze and the next expecting a "wintry mix"? Nah, let's don't be wishy washy.. let it be one or the other. Either let the groundhogs go back to bed, or romp in the sunshine. At least this cold blast keeps me indoors where I can work on revamping my Pet Art website. It's still a work in progress, as I have a ton, a multitude, a plethora of pet images to add to it. You're invited to take a peek now, but remember, it has a ways to go before it's finished. Getting links and paypal buttons installed takes a long time. Here is the link to the site: I'm especially proud of the Testimonials page! Leaving you this Monday with a chuckle.. Herding Cats..

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year dog & pet lovers! Would you like to enter a competition where the prize is a painting of your pet? Then visit my Facebook business page and enter my ongoing Pet of the Week competition! The process: Like my Facebook page! Dog Art by Lyn (the url is different from the page title). Email pics of your pets (all pets considered even snakes and gerbils) to me at In the subject of your email, type in POTW and your Pet's name. In the email itself, include your full name as owner, and list the url of a fan page if your pet has one. Professor Wally (the dog with the discerning eye) will choose which photos will become oil paintings. The criteria for a good photo to become an oil painting (or watercolor, etc.) is composition, lighting, clarity, etc.
Photo tips: When taking photos of your pet, get situated on their level. Take the photo in natural light. Flashes cause colors to wash out and create unnatural looking shadows. Get up close and personal when taking your pet's photo. It is impossible to see what is going on with eyes, hair, etc. from a photo of a dog in a field of grass and the dog is about the size of an inchworm. Nope, you need to Fill the lens with your pet's loveliness! Remember, I paint what I see and if you cannot see it, neither can I. Admittedly, my super powers only go so far. ;o) When the paintings are finished, I will post them in the page photo album, Current POTW paintings. Then find your painting and get as many votes (likes) as you can before the competition deadline. The painting(s) with the most likes will go to those winners! The ones who didn't win will have the chance to buy the painting of their pet. If they don't want to buy it, no biggie, the paintings will either go up for sale in my Etsy shop, on eBay, or simply be painted over with something else. It's fun and free to enter! Check out all the paintings I've created to date, located on my FB page under the album Past Competition paintings. Good luck and hope to see you there! Lyn

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Inspiration & Imagination

Painting on rocks is fun! I have created a handful to date. I couldn't afford to buy a book on the "how to's " of painting on rocks, so I figured I'd just give it a go on my own. Since I was not sure of the type of rock to paint upon, this entailed a trip to the rock store. The rock store turned out to be a landscaping sort of place with large round tall containers holding all manner of large rocks. I could never find those kinds of rocks in my own yard. The large rocks around my house have extremely rough surfaces. The rocks at the landscaping place had rocks with smooth surfaces, much like the two prized river rocks I keep for myself (unpainted) that I brought back from my birthplace in WVA.. the New River, actually the oldest river in the world after the Nile. Those I will never spoil with paint. Mother Nature did a fine enough job on them without my input. So I picked through a number of big ole honking rocks at the landscaping place, then put them on the outdoor huge honking scales for them to be weighed. Price depends upon the weight not how many are bought. The total cost was around $25.00 for a about a dozen large rocks. Cool! I lugged them home and there they now sit gathering dust in the studio. So when will I bring out the life of the rocks? That depends. A rock will have to speak to me and tell me what is inside it. Then I'll translate that into something.. be it turtle, bird, dog, cat, fish.. whatever the rock says. I can tell it is going to take some rock bottom rock to rock communication to find out what they will be.. because I've been drawing a blank more often than not. That leads to subject of inspiration and what sparks it? What sparks your inspiration and ignites your imagination? I've found that thinking too much about anything simply results in a headache. So for me at least, the answer may lie in allowing, creative juices to flow, not in trying to push them or pull them into manifestation. I think I might try meditation. If I can just quiet that barrage of continual self talk.. that crazy talk in the head, it would be easier to create. It may be time to revisit Eckhart Tolle for his concepts in quieting the inner voice (ego). Let it flow....let it flow...downstream is easier than paddling upstream.
shown.. painted Great Dane Rock & Pembroke Welsh Corgi Rock by Lyn Hamer Cook©